Dream of: 04 August 1991 "A Beautiful Place To Write"

I was in a building where it appeared a convention was taking place. I was in a nice office with a man who apparently was a banker, who was talking about foreclosing on a house. The bank had invested between $200,000 and $400,000 on the house, and he estimated the bank would lose money. He said he had to conduct the foreclosure sale, even if someone wanted to buy the house before the sale. I said, "Yea, you have to do the sale."

The banker described the house as a gigantic mansion sitting on top of a big hill. Apparently the people who had been living there had simply disappeared, and the banker didn't know what had happened to them. He asked me if I knew where the house was located. I knew where the hill was, and told I would like to see the house. He told me he would take me to see it right now. Since I didn't have anything planned for the rest of the day, I told him I would go.

The building we were in was next to a hill. I told the banker my car was parked on top of the hill. I had only recently bought a brand new car, but I didn't mention that to him. Since my car was so near, he suggested we take it and I said that would be fine. We left the office, went outside the building and began walking up some stairs to get to where my car was.


We had reached the house and gone inside. It was empty and appeared to be large. The banker walked up some stairs to the next floor, while I continued looking around where I was. The house had a fantastic view. Suddenly I heard what sounded like a doorbell, and then heard the banker calling me on an intercom. I began walking up the stairs to look for the banker, and passed through several rooms on the way. I was impressed with the house, and had already decided I was going to buy it if it was possible. I could probably arrange a down payment of $31,000 in cash without too much problem. I didn't particularly want to live in this neighborhood, but for this kind of house I figured it would be worth it.

I passed through a bedroom, and then a second bedroom, and realized the rooms had furniture in them. As I continued, I called out for the banker several times, and I could hear his voice in response. I finally found him in the last, most splendid bedroom in the house. Four beds were sitting in the bedroom and the man was sitting on the side of one of the beds at the end. The bed next to that was empty, but I immediately saw what appeared to be two bodies lying under brown covers on the other two beds. I couldn't tell for sure that bodies were under the covers, but the room had an eerie feel to it. I thought perhaps the bodies of the man and woman who had lived here were under the covers. I knew the wife's name was Judy.

The banker was looking toward the beds with the bodies on them. I also looked more closely at the forms. It looked as if the bodies were lying on their backs. I thought I also saw some blood near the top of one of the covers. I didn't want to go over and pull back the covers. I thought perhaps both of them had been shot in their sleep. The thought began to worry me, for I thought whoever had shot them might still be in the house.

Continuing to look, I thought I saw one of the forms move somewhat. Soon it was obvious that both forms were moving under the covers. Finally they pulled the covers from them; a man and woman were lying there, trying to get up out of the bed. At the same time I heard another sound in the house. I turned around and saw a tall, thin man with a short beard coming up the stairs. He didn't appear to be dangerous. When he was close enough, I asked him who he was. At first I thought he said he was an outlaw, but then he said he was a lawyer. I thought I recognized him from somewhere. I told him my name was Steve Collier.

He didn't seem happy to see us. He finally told us he was the lawyer for the two people in the room. I looked back at the man and woman lying on the bed. They were becoming more animated and seemed to be shaking off their somnolent state. As we all began talking, I began to infer the man and woman had taken some kind of drug. Apparently they had been in a comatose state for several days. When we asked them what exactly was going on, they were reluctant to talk. Finally the lawyer reminded us that cocaine and marijuana (even though it wasn't cocaine or marijuana which the two had taken) were against the law. I told them that I understood that, but that I thought they should not be against the law. I said, "I don't know what the banker here thinks about it."

The banker seemed somewhat concerned by what was going on; but I told the lawyer that he didn't have to worry about me, that I would never tell anyone about what I saw up here.

Finally the man who had been in the bed stood up and walked over to me. I told him I would like to try some of whatever he had had. However, I actually doubted I would take the drug; the drug must have been extremely powerful to have knocked them out like that.

He was quite friendly. It turned out he knew me; he told me I should come back and visit him sometime. He then began talking about my going back to college. He suggested that when I applied to some colleges, I schedule the interviews to take place here at his house. I could stay here for a few days and have whoever was going to interview me come to the house for the interview. Somehow, by my doing it that way, he would make a commission from it. I thought it sounded like a good idea. It was a nice place and I would like to come there and stay for a while.

I thought something was fishy about what the man did for a living, but it didn't matter to me. I said to him, "I don't care if you're a mobster, gangster or crook."

Finally we walked out onto a balcony which overlooked a wide valley which we could see for miles. I could come here and sit on the balcony to write. It would be a beautiful place to write.

Still, there was something strange and eerie about the whole atmosphere, and I didn't feel completely comfortable. Even though the house was magnificent and had a beautiful view, something about the place made me feel uneasy. Nevertheless I thought I would come there.

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