Dream of: 03 August 1991 "Silence Of The Night"

As I walked through the streets of a city, I passed a vacant lot which had some houses facing it. In front of one house was a very pretty woman (about 25 years old). I noticed how red her lips were and I immediately thought she was a prostitute. As I walked past her I heard her say something about reading a book which sounded like The Silence of the Night. I didn't say anything to her, although she continued to look at me. Right after passing her I began going up some steps which went in different directions from floor to floor. As I reached the second floor I heard her say that Bambi was a more appropriate book for me. I was going to respond, because I really did want to say something to her, but then I noticed that two or three men had stepped up and were talking with her. One man had some money in his hand. Obviously she was going to go with him.

I continued up the stairs until I reached either a telephone or electric wire, which I began walking across. I could see them right below me. Suddenly about five poles ahead of me, one of the poles collapsed and the wire began to fall. As the wire fell close to the ground, I jumped off. Other people began running away, fearing the police would be coming. I also began running across the lot. I saw a grassy alley between two houses and began running through it. Another fellow was running near me, and I then noticed a policeman in a white helmet running behind us. I was unsure whether he was chasing me, but I slowed down. The policeman grabbed me and the other fellow. We stood on the sidewalk and I asked him if I were under arrest. He said I was. I asked him what for. He said I was under arrest for driving some kind of green car. I thought to myself that that wasn't serious and that I would just go along with him and see what happened.

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