Dream of: 02 August 1991 (4) "Shakespearean Characters"


I was watching a fellow (about 40 years old) who looked much like the actor James Woods. Apparently he was beginning to lose his mind. He had formerly been an actor in plays by Shakespeare, but now he was beginning to act like Shakespearean characters in his daily life. At the moment he was sitting in a large, old, white bathtub washing himself. First he would talk in a weak squeaky voice, then in a low rough voice, as if he were talking back and forth to himself. Obviously he was not acting; he was actually being these characters as he talked to himself.

The fellow later erected a booth at the side of a lobby of a movie theater. He was wearing a black leather mask which covered his entire head. He was selling puzzles, which were called "game puzzles." There were hundreds of boxes of the puzzles, although many were of the same puzzles. The puzzles depicted scenes probably taken from movies. I thought to myself that the enterprise was doomed to failure because not many people would want to buy that type of puzzle.

A small boy walked up and began talking to the man about buying one of the puzzles.

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