Dream of: 02 August 1991 (3) "Indian Sculptures"

I was reading either a book or magazine which had pictures of sculptures carved by American Indians. I realized the sculptures had been carved in rocks along the side of a creek, and gradually I realized the location was on the Gallia County Farm. The pictures showed that as one traveled along the creek, the sculptures developed from quite primitive ones to more intricate ones. I could see the Indian faces in the sculptures.

The very last sculpture was of a large stylized bird. It was perhaps five meters high and five meters long. It was also painted in several different colors. The bird's head was pointed upwards at an angle, as if it were getting ready to fly up into the sky.

Since that was the last sculpture, it appeared that the Indian race had been wiped out after that one.

I thought it was interesting that all those carvings were located on the Farm, since I didn't remember having seen them there. I thought the next time I was there, I needed to take a closer look to see if I could find them.

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