Dream of: 02 August 1991 (2) "Vancouver, Canada"

I was involved in a manufacturing business which produced some kind of dry, leafy substance which contained rocks which had to be sifted out. I had a sieve and on a table in front of me was a large pile of the substance which had already had the rocks sifted out of it and piled to one side. The substance reminded me much of marijuana and the seeds which were sifted from marijuana. I continued for quite a while with my work; I even imagined myself lying on the table being completely covered by the leafy substance.

One day a large group of people who worked for this business were gathered together in an auditorium where we were receiving instructions on how to do the work. As I sat, I noticed a couple of people with magazines, and I likewise picked up a magazine and began looking at it.

The magazine had a blue cover with some words on it. A man who was walking around the room giving instructions walked over in front of me and asked to see my magazine. He took it in his hands and began talking about the words on the front of the magazine, which were written in French. At the same time I heard someone singing behind nearby in French. I looked and saw that the fellow was singing into a microphone, and I began listening to him.

I then picked up another magazine and saw that on its cover was a map of the Vancouver area of British Columbia. I had recently been in Vancouver, and looking at the map I felt as if I needed to go back. I knew where the islands were stretching from Seattle to Vancouver. On the map I could see Olympic Park near Seattle, and could even see all of Canada. I thought that once I stopped working perhaps Carolina and I could arrange to go to Canada. Staying there would be expensive; but perhaps we could buy a recreational vehicle and go through that area every year. We could travel across the top of Canada and back down the other side. I had been thinking of doing something like that and thought how nice it would be if I could finally arrange it. I felt so nostalgic when I thought about Canada. It was such a beautiful area and I liked it so much. I needed to be there.

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