Dream of: 02 August 1991 "Leaving The Door Open"

Carolina had gone to a large office building, possibly a bank, which was probably in the downtown area of a town. She was planning to work there. I didn't know exactly what she would be doing, but I did know she would be sitting in a chair in front of the building.

I had gone to the building with Carolina, and had walked inside, where I began talking with some women who asked whether the door to the outside should be left open. We also talked about Carolina's job. It was a summer day outside and I joked about how I was sure she would still be working there when the weather turned cold or the first thunder storm came. The women however were mostly concerned with whether the door should be left open. One woman complained about how cold it was when the door was open.

A man who was apparently a high official in the building was brought down, and Carolina was brought inside. She sat down on the other side of the room. I also sat down and two attractive women sat down on each side of me as the man prepared to explain to us whether the door should be left open. The woman on my right bent over in front of my face so that her neck was next to my mouth. I nibbled on it a bit. Meanwhile, the woman on my left unzipped my pants, stuck her hand inside, and began massaging my penis. The woman on my right then unzipped her own pants and stuck my right hand inside her pants so I could feel her pubic hairs. Carolina couldn't see what was going on, but when I looked over toward her a couple times, I could tell she was concerned that something sexual might be going on. Although I felt guilty about what I was doing, it felt so good I couldn't stop.

Finally the women stopped for a moment, and when they wanted to begin again, I stopped them. I just wanted to get away from them. When they insisted on continuing, I jumped up, ran to Carolina, grabbed her and ran out the front door. I knew everyone would be angry and that they would try to catch and hurt us.

A black woman and her little boy had just pulled up in front of the bank in an old red car. When I saw the woman step out of the car, Carolina and I ran to her side of the car and jumped in. With the little boy still in the car, I drove off and began driving around the town, trying to escape. I knew someone would be trying to catch us.

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