Dream of: 01 August 1991 (2) "Camp Yoyo"

My sister and I were riding in the back seat of a car driven by my mother. We were apparently somewhere in the northwest United States, in a beautiful forested area on a road with the ocean lapping the beach on our right. At times, the water even came up over the road. We talked about how it must be high tide and how the water must have reached its peak. Then the water came up even higher. It was quite nice.

We traveled higher, until we reached the top of a mountain, where we saw a sign which said "Camp Yoyo." I remembered the name from my boyhood. The name was of a famous boy scout camp which I had always wanted to visit, but had never been able to. My mother tried to find a place to stop and park, but so many cars were parked here she had a difficult time. When she finally parked in front of two other cars, I told her she couldn't park there in front of the cars, especially since two other parking places were right next to the cars. I became a bit disgusted that she couldn't figure out how to park. Finally she did manage to back around and park the car correctly beside the other cars.

We stepped out of the car and I walked around to her side and noticed her door was open. She had also left the keys in the car. When I told her about it, she got the keys and shut the door. I was pretty fed up as we started walking around the place.

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