Dream of: 01 August 1991 "Collapsing Building"

I had just awakened and was sitting up in a bed. On my left, under the covers, was lying Carolina. Over to the left of the room, toward the foot of the bed, was a door, through which a man walked in. He was a man in his early twenties and I recognized him. As he walked toward me, Carolina woke up. When she saw him, she had a distorted look of horror on her face such as I had never seen on her, as if she thought the man was going to attack her. After 10-15 seconds she realized who the man was and she calmed down.

I had been expecting the man, but was surprised that I had awakened at the exact moment when he had walked in. I talked with him. He had wanted me to prepare an affidavit for him, which I had ready and which I gave to him. I had prepared an affidavit for him once before, but this one was more extensive. I rose and walked out into the hall with him.

Other apartments were on this floor and a woman (in her early 20s) walked out of one. She was furious because the fellow with me was in the building. She used to be either his girlfriend or wife. I walked with her into her apartment in an attempt to calm her down. I told her the fellow was leaving. She and I both sat down on the bed. Several men were in the apartment, and one man actually sat on my lap. That didn't really bother me, although his sitting on my lap didn't seem appropriate. I continued talking to the woman, trying to calm her down.

Ted Danson was also in the room. Apparently he also used to be either the woman's husband or boyfriend. I was unsure what he thought about the whole matter.

Finally I returned to my own room, began looking out the open window, and realized we were high up in an apartment building, perhaps on the fiftieth floor. I then heard someone talking on a loudspeaker, saying that the outer shell of the building would collapse this very night. It was a warning for everyone to get out of the building. Clearly we had to leave as soon as possible.

I looked around the room, and thought about the large comic book collection I had stored in a cardboard box in the closet. I could possibly toss it out the window. But I thought that might not be a good idea because it might fall on someone. I thought that after the building collapsed I might be able to return and search for the comics in the rubble. But I doubted that that would be allowed. I was sorry that I might lose the comic book collection, since I thought it was rather valuable. It also seemed I had a typewriter collection in the closet.


I had left the building and was walking along a street with a group of about 10 people who had also left the building. It seemed to be twilight. Suddenly I heard someone singing. I looked around and noticed Jon walking to my right, although I could only see his silhouette. He also began singing in a beautiful bass voice. The song appeared to be Italian. Obviously he knew all the words. First one person would sing a part, then Jon would sing a part in reply. A woman would also occasionally chime in. I was amazed. I didn't know that he had such a hidden talent. Everyone seemed extremely impressed.


A group of us arrived by bus in a section of the town where apparently all the people from the building were going. The streets were flooded with people, and some had even set up small camps. I noticed one grassy area where there were no people, apparently because it was forbidden for people to camp there. Although all the buildings in the area seemed already occupied, I noticed one building on the corner of the streets with boards on its windows which looked as if it might be empty. As soon as the bus stopped, I hollered to Jon, who was also on the bus, and told him we needed to go to that building.

But before we could reach the building, I saw that someone else had begun taking the boards off the building and going inside. That didn't stop us and we walked on into the building anyway. Inside I discovered that the building was already crowded with people. It looked as if someone had even been living here when the boards were on the windows. Other people were also entering. I walked through the building, which looked as if it might have as many as 10 rooms. In one room I found an old man and an old woman who apparently had been living here. I made my way to a back room where I asked someone how many people were living here. The person said 50 people were living in the building. I thought to myself that that was too many people. I had lived in places larger than that all by myself.

Finally I found a room which appealed somewhat to me, and I thought as many as five people could live in the room. However I thought it would be difficult living with so many people. It would be like an army barracks. And it might be especially difficult to get to sleep at night. But I concluded it would simply have to be done.

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