Dream of: 31 July 1991 "Listening To The Band"

I was in Portsmouth with a group of people whom I apparently had known in high school. We were on the far left side of a bowling alley. None of us were bowling, although I thought I might.


I was in the basement either of the bowling alley or of someone's house. I knew that someone lived there and that they smoked marijuana, because I had noticed some roaches on the floor. If the person who lived there was desperate to smoke some marijuana, the butts could even be gathered up and smoked. Water was also on the floor.

A bathroom was also in the basement; since I badly needed to defecate, I went into the bathroom and sat down on the commode. Suddenly I felt the feces gushing out, as if I had diarrhea. I waited a moment, and the same thing happened again. After finishing, I looked into the commode. I could see the feces; it wasn't runny as I had expected, but hard. What surprised me was that the feces was about half brown and about half pure white. I wondered what I had eaten to make it so white. I wiped myself four or five times. I wanted to be extra clean, because I thought I might want to be with one of the women there. Finally I walked over to the sink and also used water to wipe myself.

The woman I was thinking about being with was someone I had known for a long time. It was possible she was my junior high girlfriend, Debi, although I was unsure. I was uncertain I wanted to have sex with her, because I was unsure I wanted to have sex with anyone right now; but when I thought about what a fine body the woman had, I finally decided I would have sex with her. I thought she was going to be willing.


I was in Portsmouth on Offnere Street between Eleventh and Twelfth Streets. I was on foot in the middle lane of three lanes which headed north, toward the hilltop area, waiting for a red light. Cars pulled up on both sides and in back of me. I realized since I was a pedestrian I should be on the sidewalk and not in the middle of the street. I thought as soon as the light changed, I would try to make it to the sidewalk on the right. When the light did change, the cars began moving rather quickly. I thought if anything was going to happen, it was going to be now.

Somehow I managed to reach the sidewalk unharmed. As I continued walking north toward the hilltop, I noticed a group of perhaps 50 mostly young people gathered to my right, even though it was 11 or 12 o'clock at night. I then noticed that there was a four or five piece band there and that a street dance was taking place. I decided to stop and listen to the band, something that I didn't usually do. I wanted to hear the words to the song the band was playing, to try to get the feel of the culture of the place.

Three women (probably in their early 20s) were standing nearby. A fellow with a particularly thick neck was talking with them. I felt attracted to the women, although it was obvious they were from a poor class, like everyone there. I even noticed the hair of all three women was bleached blonde, and I could see the brown roots. I was uncertain whether I should even talk them. What really interested me was the band; I tried to concentrate on the words of their song.

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