Dream of: 30 July 1991 "Slender As Wires"

I was living with a man and his wife in their new house which sat on the side of a hill. The man resembled Preston, my oldest bankruptcy client. One day I arrived at the house while they weren't at home. I walked inside into the kitchen, picked up a cigarette and began smoking it. Some coins and some loose marijuana were lying on the stove where the man apparently had laid them after taking them out of his pocket. There were also a couple of regular sized joints, as well as what appeared to be smaller joints as slender as wires. I picked up one of the slender ones; it even felt stiff like a wire. It was already lit and smoke was coming off one end. I realized the smoke from the slender joints was to be sniffed through the nose, and not to be smoked through the mouth. So I sniffed some.

I was tempted to purloin some of the marijuana. I figured the man wouldn't miss it. I also thought I needed to leave because if the man and his wife came home, they would smell the cigarette and marijuana smoke and would know what I had been doing. I took one of the joints, and also put some of the loose marijuana in some rolling paper. As I exited, I thought I needed to talk to the man to see if he could buy me some marijuana. I had the money, but I didn't know where to buy the marijuana. Obviously he did. I would like to have some powerful marijuana, not just ordinary marijuana. But I didn't know if that would be possible.

However, since I still didn't want him to know I had taken any of his marijuana, I went outside and drove off.

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