Dream of: 29 July 1991 (4) "Unpaid Bills"

It was daytime, and I was sitting at a table in a nightclub. I met an extremely attractive blonde-haired woman (about 30 years old) and we ended up having sex together, repeating it several times. Another fellow was present who also wanted to have sex with her, but she would only do it with me.

I left and returned the next afternoon, when we repeated the same thing. I noticed my father had come into the bar, and I introduced him to a woman in the bar. At one point I walked to the counter and began talking with the bartender, who showed me five or six bills which I had been signing for having sex with the woman. The prices on the bills ranged from the three hundred to the four hundreds of dollars. The bills also described in detail exactly what the woman had been doing with me. The total was more than two thousand dollars. I was surprised to learn the woman had been charging me for the sex, and I wondered whether I should pay. I thought she certainly was making good money for what she was doing.


I was standing at the entrance of the club, talking with the woman, and told her I had decided not to pay her. I had the receipts in my hands, some of which were for credit cards. I could tell the woman was quite upset, and I feared she might try to hurt either my father or me. Since it was difficult to know what the woman would do, I decided I needed to leave as soon as possible.

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