Dream of: 29 July 1991 (3) "A Fiddle"

I had just finished being an actor in a show, and I was now on stage in another show. It seemed as if we were in a gymnasium and a large audience was watching us from bleachers on both sides. In this production I was a woman (and might have even been a woman in reality) and was dressed in what appeared to be a ballerina's costume. We had difficulties several times during the show. At the end, while an orchestra played music in the background, another woman and I were supposed to rise from a lying position and circle toward each other in a dance, finally meeting in the middle.

The other woman (perhaps 30 years old) had black hair and was dressed in a blue ballerina's costume. She couldn't seem to get her steps right, and we had to interrupt the production several times. On one attempt the woman caved in on her knees in the middle of the stage. We tried again. This time, when the orchestra failed to begin playing, I began humming the tune so we could start our dance. I hummed the refrain a few bars too much, but since we had already begun, I just had to continue. Once again the woman collapsed on the stage with a lost look on her face. In exasperation I likewise fell on the stage on my face, trying to be amusing in the process. Although it was just an amateur production, I had wanted to do my best.

As I sat on the stage I began picking up some magazines, perhaps copies of "Time," which I had dropped. I thought people in the audience would think that perhaps I wasn't a complete idiot: at least I could read "Time." Actually the audience had been quite friendly, and I didn't perceive any ill will from anyone. And I felt satisfied with myself. I had only recently arrived in this place, and already I was in a stage production. Even though I might not have given an excellent performance, at least I had quickly found a show to be in.

A small animal ran onto the stage, and for some reason, I thought the animal had something to do with the metal, lead, and that the animal was even called "Lead." I had recently heard that lead wasn't selling as well these days, and therefore the animals were in greater supply. Nevertheless the nature of the animal still mystified me. The animal was about 30 centimeters long with ivory/brown hair and a cute brown face. Its body was circular, almost like a tube about 4 centimeters in diameter and about 15 centimeters long. I touched it, began petting its soft hair and wondered if it might be an endangered species. Suddenly it began spinning frenetically in a circle in front of me. It ran to a hole in the stage floor, squeezed into it, and then came back out, It ran around a chair and came back to me. It seemed quite tame. Finally I asked, "What is this animal called?"

Someone apparently in the audience answered, "A fiddle."

I asked, "Are they wild?

The person responded that they were relatively wild.

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