Dream of: 21 July 1991 "Legislative Meeting"

I had gone with my father and my mother to what appeared to be a fair. We began playing a large game that one could walk around on, and which was something like Monopoly, but not exactly. People were supposed to bet, and then finally the winner of the game would be determined. I played a little, then strayed away for quite a while. When I finally returned, it appeared that a new game had already begun, and that I was unable to play anymore. I began looking for my father and my mother, but I couldn't locate them.


After finally leaving the fair by myself, I arrived by car at a house on Coles Boulevard in Portsmouth, Ohio where my father and my mother were living. When I encountered them in the house I unleashed my dismay at their having left me and my having had to walk around an hour at the fair looking for them. Actually I hadn't been angry until I encountered them at the house, but it seemed appropriate for me to be angry, so I was. I gathered together a few things, including a small baggie of marijuana which I stuck in my shirt pocket, and I walked outside. I planned to get away from them for a while, but I didn't know where to go. Finally I remembered my old friend Steve Buckner lived nearby, and I decided to go visit him. I felt sure he would want to smoke some marijuana with me.

I was smoking a cigarette and I knew that was out of character for me. At this point I didn't care, and I didn't care if my father and my mother saw it. I walked over to a tricycle, and since I had no other form of transportation, jumped on. I knew my riding the tricycle up the street would look odd, but that didn't particularly bother me. When I started moving on it, however, I realized pedaling uphill was going to be difficult.

Just then a car pulled up driven by Mike Fugitt (a former high school schoolmate). I got off the tricycle, walked over to the car and climbed into the back seat. Fugitt drove off and I told him I wanted to go see Buckner. In the front seat with Fugitt were two boys, probably 5-6 years old. Apparently he was taking care of them for someone.

As I rode along, I began looking through a bag of coins which I had with me. One coin was a penny which on one side had the old wheat ears design and on the other side had the Lincoln Memorial design. Since those two designs came out at different times, the coin was obviously a misprint and probably valuable. I showed the coin to Fugitt, but he obviously didn't appreciate the significance of it.

I noticed several other wheat ear pennies and I also noticed below the words "One Cent" was printed the name "Truman." It seemed odd that those old pennies would have the same name of the person who was the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy trustee in Dallas and Fort Worth. I thought I would show the coins to Truman for his amusement.

I also found a nickel with Thomas Jefferson's head on both sides. There again I thought it might be valuable. Other coins also looked as if they had been stamped twice on the same side with different designs. When I showed those to Fugitt, he pulled out a small manual stamp which he obviously had been using to stamp new designs on coins. I didn't know what to think of that. I saw there was even a dime in the stamp at the moment which had been stamped with a new design.


We stopped at a place which looked like the rear of Portsmouth High School. I knew some kind of legislative meeting was taking place inside in an auditorium, and that Buckner would be there. I walked inside and came to a large auditorium filled with people, but I didn't see Buckner anywhere. I sat down and listened. In front, on an elevated platform, were seated several men who apparently were legislators. People in the audience were asking and being asked questions. One man in the audience gave a rather protracted statement. When he was asked a question by one of the legislators, the man said he had been referring to the FHA, and not to a name which the legislator had mentioned.


Some of the younger fellows sitting in the room were dressed in red jackets. I concluded they must be ushers. I recognized one as Spencer (another high school schoolmate). Finally I stood and walked to another side of the room where I saw Buckner. When he saw me, I made a motion as if smoking a joint and I made a puffing sound. He understood and it looked as if he were going to go with me.


My sister and I were in the back seat of a car which Buckner was driving. I had the feeling my sister was wondering why I was in the back seat and Buckner was in the front seat.

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