Dream of: 18 July 1991 (3) "Kicked Out"

I was with a fellow (about 30 years old) who was an Assistant District Attorney for the Dallas District Attorney's office. He was going to a meeting of other assistant district attorneys and told me I could come into the room with him where the meeting was going to take place. Although I knew him in a way not connected to the district attorney's office, I decided to go with him. When I walked in, he gave me a large folder which contained information about the district attorney's office.

About 70-80 people were sitting in the room in folding chairs. A man was standing in front talking to everyone from behind a podium about policy and reviewing laws. I sat and listened for a while, until someone motioned me to come up front, apparently to talk with me. I walked to a desk, where I was told that I had to leave. I wasn't supposed to be here and the fellow with whom I had come apparently hadn't had the authority to invite me in.

As I walked to the door to leave, I noticed five Hispanic-looking men (each only about 20 years old) and I was told they had just been fired from the district attorney's office. They weren't dressed in suits and ties. They held each others hands as if in a chain and walked out together. They appeared to be upset about losing their jobs.

A woman sitting at a desk called me to her to ask me a question. As she wrote something down I told her I had already been kicked out. She asked me to repeat and I said, "Kicked out."

She said she didn't need to know anything more, so I got ready to leave.

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