Dream of: 18 July 1991 (2) "Better Places To Live"

I had gone to another state to take a test with 60 questions about bankruptcy law so I could be certified as a specialist in bankruptcy law. I had previously taken and done well on a preliminary test to qualify to take the main test now. Many people who had taken the preliminary test hadn't done well.

When I finished the test I had only correctly answered 30 of the questions. Since it was necessary to correctly answer at least 32 questions, I had failed. I was quite downcast when I received my results. I thought if I had tried just a little harder I could have answered two more questions correctly.

I had planned to stay where I was for a while after taking the test as a sort of vacation. But now it looked as if I would just return home. It was Friday and I had planned to stay a least until Monday. But now I thought I might go back the following day, perhaps even take a bus so I could get back and start working again.


A woman (probably in her 50s) and I were walking down a street in the city where I was. I had gone to meet her and I knew her from somewhere. She took me to the downtown area, which was rather small, and I asked a couple times if we were actually in the downtown. It looked to me more like a residential area. We reached a street whose name she pronounced. It began with a "T." Some red brick buildings and stores were on the street. She told me she lived on the street. I commented that at least she was close to everything since she lived downtown.


I was in a building in the town. Many beds were in the large room where I found myself, and it appeared to be a home for old and sick people. I was sitting on the side of a bed where a sick person was lying.

I noticed my mother in the room and I began talking with her. I told her she should move to the town and not return to Portsmouth. I told her there were so many better places than Portsmouth to live, and I asked her why she would want to return there. I told her that was why I had gone to other places, to see what was available. And I had discovered that there were better places to live than Portsmouth.

A man in the room was thinking of moving to the town. He no longer lived with his wife, but he mentioned that he had a small son who lived where he did. He was uncertain he wanted to move to this town and leave the son behind. He also said something about a bedspread he had, and said that his ex-wife would probably try to keep the bed if he moved.

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