Dream of: 17 July 1991 "Exiled"

I had traveled to New York City, where I was apparently living on the street. One day I was at what appeared to be an outdoor shopping area, when a fight broke out between two fellows who were among a group standing around here. Others jumped into the fight and soon a large pile of them were fighting with each other. I stood here, not wanting to get involved. Finally I heard a whistle, apparently from the police, and everyone suddenly scattered. I also hastened away.

I was in a section where I was cut off from the crowd and I couldn't get back. I stepped behind a piece of hanging cloth and sat down. I hadn't been here long when a policeman stepped behind the cloth, saw me and told me to get up. He asked me how long it had been since I had had a ticket. I realized if someone got a ticket here, then the person had to leave either the area or the state for a period of time. The last time I had received a ticket I had had to leave for an entire year.

I pulled out two or three tickets which I had received within the last two years. I anticipated that if I received another ticket it would be for six months. I didn't like the idea of receiving a ticket because I knew I had just been standing here and I hadn't done anything wrong. But I thought there was nothing I could do about. I suspected that there was some kind of law so that if a policeman merely suspected someone of doing something wrong, then the person could be exiled from this place for a period of time.

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