Dream of: 16 July 1991 "Plight Of Animals"

I had been watching a vast migration of animals, perhaps all the animals in the world. The animals were grouped together plodding along a long trail, until they broke into a run, and in an incredible sight, began stampeding. I was unsure where they were going. Some were trampled, and some became turned around and went the wrong way. I didn't know what it was all about, but I was amazed to see so many animals grouped together. I particularly noticed many camels and elephants in the herd.

Two other fellows were with me, and together we were marching along, trying to get out of the area. Ahead of us we saw a group of Latin American soldiers dressed in green army fatigues. Since remaining where we were was dangerous, we would have to pass the soldiers. As we walked past them, we realized the soldiers had been ordered to give us safe passage because we were Americans, and Americans were allied with these particular soldiers. As we passed I thought we were in the southern United States. If we had been in the northern United States we could have reached where we wanted to go without having to pass the soldiers, which were only found in the southern United States.

As we passed I noticed a group of elephants nearby and suddenly I realized the soldiers were planning to kill the elephants. I was bothered by the fact, but knew there was nothing I could do about it at the moment.


When we had finally reached a safe spot, we began trying to see the animals through a powerful instrument similar to a telescope through which one could see objects at a distance. The instrument had been built by one of the fellows with me, and we thought if we could perfect its use, it might be able to help with the plight of the animals. The fellow had been trying to put a grid on the instrument by marking small vertical lines along the bottom, and small horizontal lines along the left side of the view-piece. I began helping him with the project, and wondered how we were going to be able to use the grid.

I looked through the telescope several times and could see that he had been making progress, however laborious, with the little marks. As he and I talked about the project, the second fellow voiced a skeptical opinion that he didn't think the grid would be of any benefit.

I knew the idea was to ultimately take a picture of something at a distance, blow up the picture, and then pinpoint something on the picture. However when the fellow had begun making the marks for the grid, he hadn't known exactly what he was doing and he still didn't know. In fact he had originally begun making one set of marks, then had changed and begun using a second set of marks mixed in with the first set. I realized that he had a good idea and that he had already spent much time making the marks, but I thought it might be necessary to begin the project over from the beginning.

Finally I realized exactly what the problem was: there needed to be a definite number of marks going across the bottom and a definite number of marks along the side. I concluded that the number should be 1,000 marks across the bottom and 1,000 marks along the side. With such a grid of coordinates, the location of any point on the picture could be found. I was quite excited because I now knew how the grid could work, even though I also knew the other fellow might be disappointed because we would have to start all over. I wanted to make the point to him that he would have to abandon all the work he had already done in order to perfect the new grid.

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