Dream of: 13 July 1991 (2) "Needed Papers"

My mother and I were standing outside the garage of a man and woman who apparently were neighbors of my mother's. Finally the man and woman came, opened the garage and climbed into an old red and white car inside the garage so they could go on a trip. They left the garage open so my mother could get something out of it, and then they drove off.

My mother and I then boarded a large red and white van which was sitting near the garage and drove off. I was thinking of buying the van. But when we reached downtown Portsmouth, every time I would try to turn the van, the steering would stick and the van would spin around in the middle of the street. I knew the price of the van was going to be low, but I began thinking perhaps I should buy a car instead. I had recently been pricing some new Toyotas and I thought it might be better to buy one of those. Finally I stopped the van, gave it to someone I knew and walked off alone.

When I reached the area of the Post Office on Gay Street, I saw Pence (a Portsmouth acquaintance) walking down the street. I hadn't seen him in years, but I knew he had some papers of mine which I needed. I walked over to him and spoke to him about the papers. He told me it would be difficult for him to get find the papers right now. I told him I lived in Texas and would only be in Portsmouth for one day, so I needed them now. He looked as if he were thinking about what to do.

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