Dream of: 13 July 1991 "Under Attack"

As I walked through a department store in downtown Portsmouth, I saw Kenny Tipton (a former high school classmate) walk past me. He didn't see me and I didn't say anything to him. I walked to a small room in the back of the store where I saw Roger Anderson and Mary (also former high high school classmates) seated at a table. Both looked as if they were in their late 20s. I hesitated about whether I should hug Mary, finally decided to do so, bent over and put my arms around her.

I hadn't seen her in a long time and I was happy to see her again. I sat at the table and talked with them both. Through a window I could see the sun casting its light over a red sky. I wondered if Mary had ever married, but I didn't ask her. I told her I had seen Tipton in the store, but I hadn't spoken to him. I never used to speak to him in high school. So why should I now?

Suddenly something made me aware that the store was coming under attack from enemy forces. I quickly led Roger and Mary through a window and into a small narrow shed behind the store. The shed was perhaps a meter wide and two meters long. Mary didn't want to go in at first, and I had to forcibly pull her inside.

We sat quietly on the floor of the shed until suddenly we felt the shed begin to move. Looking outside, I could see the shadow of the shed on the ground. It was being carried by a fork lift. I hadn't counted on anything like that happening. I didn't think the enemy knew we were inside, but apparently they were going to take the shed somewhere to dispose of it. I began trying to figure out my next move.

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