Dream of: 09 July 1991 "Barefoot In The Snow"

I was in a store, perhaps in a mall, looking at a clear plastic tube containing about 40 quarters. I poured the quarters into my hand; they were fairly old and made of silver. They were a bit peculiar; perhaps they were Canadian quarters. A couple were small, about the size of pennies. The roll of quarters was being sold for $11 – a good price. I had previously bought a roll for $11, and now thought I would go ahead and buy another one.


I had gone to a courtroom which was apparently in a building next to the one the store was in. In the court room I quickly found myself engaged in a court case, apparently a juvenile proceeding. I was representing a woman in the case, while my ex-wife Louise was representing the party on the opposite side. No sooner had I settled into my seat than Louise rose and began speaking. She didn't look like herself. Although I didn't realize it at the time, she looked much like Stephanie McClure (a Texas attorney), a thin, unimposing woman who seemed out of place. As she spoke, she made a mistake in almost every sentence and had to repeat herself. Her performance was quite pitiful. She said what she had to say and then sat down.

When I stood, I felt quite pleased with myself. I was dressed well in a tie and jacket, and felt healthy and good inside. With a smile on my face, I walked over to the judge, a woman, and told her the name of my client. I wasn't quite sure I had the name right, but another woman told me it was correct. I then requested that I be given some additional time to prepare for the case. The judge complied, and I left.


I was going from the courtroom to a house where my father was living, a house which looked like the Gay Street House. I was barefoot and shirtless. Since snow and ice were on the ground, I was concerned about my feet, but I didn't feel anything as I walked through it.


I entered my father's house and passed by a room which he used as his office. I had recently bought a new television and a nice television stand and put them in his office; but he hadn't yet seen them. When I passed by, I heard him in the office say something that sounded disparaging about the television and stand. I hollered that I could easily remove them within an hour.


I arrived at the top of the back stairs on the second floor of the house. I seemed disoriented for a moment, then realized that I was looking into my father's bedroom, and that someone was lying in his large wooden bed. I hollered out, "Who's in there?"

The figure moved and sat up from beneath the covers; I realized the figure was my ex-step-mother, Kay (probably in her early 20s). Not wanting to disturb her, I continued on.

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