Dream of: 07 July 1991 (2) "White Spider"

My father was talking to me in the kitchen/living room area of the House in Patriot (the home of my maternal grandparents when I was a child). He said he had decided I should live with my sister for a while. After listening to him, I finally told him that he no longer made my decisions for me, and that I would live wherever I wanted.

Besides, I told him my sister knew a girl who was preparing to move in with my sister. Since both my sister and the girl were also in the room, I asked the girl what she thought about my moving in with my sister. The girl (probably in her late teens) seemed somewhat pretty, although I wasn't attracted to her. She said she hadn't expected me to move in. She mentioned her boyfriend and how she might get pregnant in six months and such. Her general tone definitely indicated that she didn't want me to move in. I thought to myself that if I wanted to move in, what the girl thought wouldn't make any difference. What my sister thought wouldn't even make any difference, since my father still paid my sister's bills. Nevertheless, I used what the girl said as further evidence of why I couldn't move in with my sister. I asked my sister what the girl's name was and she said, "Sherry."

Actually I was thinking of living in the House in Patriot for a while. When I noticed my grandmother Leacy (1901-1972) also sitting in the room, I thought I should spend more time talking with her. She seemed almost catatonic and about the only thing she ever did was prepare food. As I picked up an ear of corn and began eating it, I thought about how I didn't show enough gratitude for what she did.

As I walked across the room, I knocked a white spider off my pants. I didn't want to kill the spider because I liked spiders. My grandmother followed me, however, and she stepped on the spider on purpose.

I walked into the bathroom, which was on the side of the house facing Bobby and Madeline Saunders' house, about 15 meters away. I could see Madeline on her back porch. She was dressed in something white and red. I pulled down my pants, aroused that Madeline could see me through the large bathroom window. From where I was standing, I could look into a mirror in the bathroom and see Madeline's reflection. I continued watching her through the mirror and I could see the shocked look on her face as she looked in my direction. I decided to even take off the tee shirt which I was wearing and I began pulling it up over my head.

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