Dream of: 07 July 1991 "Biology Class"

I had enrolled in a biology class because I had decided I would like to become a medical doctor, and to do so, I first needed to take several classes in biology. The class was the second level, and I had never taken the first level course, so it was rather difficult for me. But I liked the class and I thought I could do well in it.

On either the first or second day of class, four or five other students and I were brought together by the teacher to be given a test which consisted of examining four or five actual biological exhibits and then somehow making comparisons among them. One exhibit consisted of a pool of water with a plant growing in it. I walked back and forth among the exhibits and tried to grasp the concepts involved. I could feel my mind straining without much result, but I still felt intellectually stimulated by the test. Suddenly one of the other students came up with the correct answer, which turned out to be a series of letters. Only now did I discover that the test had been multiple choice and that the other students had seen different answers written down and had been able to pick one. I thought if I had been able to see the answers I could have picked the correct one, also.

I received about five pieces of paper which contained the information about the exhibits and the test. I taped them together into one long sheet.


I was in an apartment into which I had recently moved. I was filling quite good about myself, as if I were finally getting my life together after having made so many mistakes. I heard something outside, looked out and saw that Walls (about 20 years old) had pulled up in front in a car. I was happy to see him. He seemed healthy and still had black hair. I went to the door, opened it, and signaled for him to come in. I was wearing a coat and since the room was rather cold, I walked over and turned up the gas heater so Walls would be more comfortable when he came in.

I then picked up a small vial which contained some dried leaves. I smelled the contents and concluded that some marijuana was in it and that Walls and I could smoke some. Part of why I was feeling so good was because I had quit using drugs. It didn't register with me that smoking marijuana would change that fact in any way. I thought the marijuana belonged to Buckner, but I didn't think he would care if Walls and I smoked a joint out of it.

While thinking about the marijuana, I had completely forgotten about Walls. When he came back to my mind, I went into the front room and found him sitting there. I picked a cigarette rolling paper out of several which were on a tray on a shelf. It was a bit strange because it seemed as if the papers belonged to Walls' father and as if we were actually in Walls' house. I sat down at a kitchen table and Walls sat on the other side. I was completely naked from the waist down, but I didn't feel embarrassed in front of Walls. I talked to him about how much better my life was now. When I used to sell drugs, I had always thought I was going to make a lot of money on one big deal someday, but it had never happened. Now I was much better off without that kind of thought. However it suddenly occurred to me that Buckner was still trying to make that one big deal, and that Buckner was in the next room. I stood up and hollered to Buckner and he walked in. He also seemed young and healthy and he confirmed what I had thought, that he was still trying to make that one big drug deal which would set him up.

I knew that Buckner was well-educated and that he was also thinking of studying biology. I had my five papers which I had taped together on the table. I told him he should read it, that it was quite interesting.

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