Dream of: 30 June 1991 (2) "Doritta"

I was sitting on a couch, perhaps in a library, thinking about what I was going to be doing in the future. I had saved up some money, probably around $4,000, which I felt was enough to allow me to leave the United States and live for a long while in another country. Thinking I would probably go to Mexico, I contemplated the logistics of getting there. Would I travel by car, bus or plane? Should I hitchhike to save money? It seemed as if someone else, perhaps Carolina, would be going with me. I thought if I flew, plane tickets would cost $100 apiece. So right from the beginning I would be eating up my savings.

I picked up an article, began reading it and became quite engrossed by it. The author talked of how the English, German and Roman cultures had each developed distinct ideas in their literature. I assumed that by Roman the author meant French, and that he was pointing out the necessity of being able to speak each language to appreciate the various literatures.

To illustrate the point, several book covers were shown in the article. First was an English book, followed by two German books and a French book. Each book had a colorful picture on the cover and each looked quite intriguing. The French book was titled Doritta. I hadn't read any of the books and realized I would be well-advised to begin doing so. Obviously the author had a wide breadth of reading experience.

Finally yet another book cover was pictured which had Russian writing on it. I thought that was rather curious and began trying to decipher what it said since I knew some of the Russian alphabet. The only word I could discern was "Berlintelevision."

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