Dream of: 30 June 1991 "He Fell"

I was with several other fellows whom I knew, and we were all driving tractors in one of the lower bottoms on the Gallia County Farm, near the place which I had known as the Old Swimming Hole. One fellow in front of me was driving a large green John Deere tractor. He was out of my sight and was trying to cross Symmes Creek. But somehow he lost control of the tractor, and it was washed down the creek. When I arrived on the spot, he was standing on the bank, and all I could see of the tractor was a part of the exhaust pipe sticking up out of the water. The tractor was slowly moving on down the creek. I knew the tractor belonged to my step-grandfather Clarence and that he would be furious when he learned what had happened. I tried to think of how we could get it out and decided we would need a chain and another tractor.

As I walked along the muddy, wooded bank following the tractor, I was surprised to come upon 15-20 tombstones. Obviously there had been a graveyard here at one time. The tombstones looked quite old and I concluded they had been hidden for years and only recently washed out by a flooded creek. I recalled that there had been two or three graves of Civil War soldiers on the Farm, but I had never seen anything like this.

I looked at the stones more closely trying to decipher the dates. It appeared that some of the people had been born in the 1700s. The birth and death date of one man were given. At first I thought he had lived to be quite old, but then realized he had died when he had only been about 40. The tombstone said "He fell."

It looked as if there was a concrete crypt under some of the tombstones. I pushed one back to see what was inside. I thought I might even rob the grave. Inside I was surprised to see three or four faces of small watches. The entire watches weren't there, only the faces. They looked quite old. Looking further I discovered one small watch which was intact and still running. Could this watch have been running for all these years? It had a blue face and appeared as if it might also have some kind of picture on it. I thought it might be more likely that someone else had already recently discovered the graves and had lost the watch here.

When it became dark, the others and I decided we would just spend the night in the area. We had some sleeping bags and curled up to go to sleep. But during the night I discovered that two or three little bear cubs had wandered into our camp site and were trying to sleep with us. One was black and one was black and white. They were cute and cuddly but I was concerned that their mother (or mothers) would soon appear and attack us, thinking we were trying to harm their cubs.

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