Dream of: 23 June 1991 "Carved Ivory"

I had gone to a public market where I was searching for a small elephant tusk so I could have something carved out of it for me. I began looking through a bin which contained various items to see if I could find any ivory. I was looking for a piece about a centimeter in diameter and about 30 centimeters long. I already had about 10 pieces about half that size, and for some reason I thought my pieces were also in the bin. But when I began looking for them amongst the junk, I couldn't find them.

When I finally saw Daffin (a female Houston attorney) also looking through the bin, I thought she might work there. She was standing to my right and I asked her if she had any ivory. She seemed happy to see me and pressed herself tight under my right arm. We were so close that at one point a suction was created under my arm and when we moved apart a bit, a popping sound was made, which slightly embarrassed me.

She didn't seem to understand exactly what I meant, but nevertheless she said she did have some ivory. She extracted a key chain with keys on it from the bin. Something on the key chain was wrapped in green tin foil and she began taking off the tin foil. I thought it must be a piece of ivory, but when she was finished, I saw it was some kind of metal medallion instead. I tried to explain that that wasn't what I was looking for, and once again I began looking for the 10 pieces of ivory which I had brought with me. Finally I saw them in my black suitcase which I had laid over the bin. I felt relieved to find them.

I continued trying to explain to Daffin what I was looking for. Nearby another woman appeared to be carving something in a piece of ivory. I thought I would point out the woman to Daffin. I began thinking of how intricate carvings could be in the ivory. I even pictured small metal screws being drilled through the ivory to hold it in place. Actually I just wanted a piece carved which I could put on my key chain.

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