Dream of: 22 June 1991 "Restricted Freedoms"

I was reading a newspaper article about how the freedoms of Americas were being restricted. The article specifically mentioned three areas, two of which were sex and speed, in which this was true. It also spoke about how the freedom of expression had been restricted, and gave the example of a black Portuguese-speaking woman who had been put in jail for something she had said. The article showed a picture of her (probably in her mid 30s). She was slender and had particularly expressive eyes. I thought what it must be like for her in some cramped jail. Even there she wouldn't be able to think and say what she wanted. I was concerned about what I was reading.

Suddenly a car went by outside and I heard someone on the radio in the car say that a jet had been shot down and that war had broken out. It sounded as if the war was in the middle east, and I had earlier thought I had heard a report about it. That was big news; I turned on the television to see if anything was on about it. But I only could pick up static on the television with some faint voices who were clearly not talking about the war.

I ran to the next room where my grandmother Mabel and my step-grandfather Clarence were sitting. I told them war had broken out and I asked if they had a radio. They said they didn't because they had only recently moved into this house and hadn't yet brought all their belongings. Could I go outside, get into a car and listen to the radio? I needed to find out what was happening. What country could have attacked the United States? It might have been Iran. I could think of no other country so foolhardy.

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