Dream of: 17 June 1991 "Good Boy"

I had gone to Altizer's (a classmate from the fourth grade) house and found Altizer in the back yard. He looked perhaps 20 years old. We went together to the attic of his house where I discovered a group of about 20 mostly college-aged people, apparently involved in some kind of film class. I sat by myself and watched as they scurried about involved in different tasks.

I talked with someone about what they were doing. I wanted to know what kind of film was being used. I knew I had a projector which I thought could project 36 millimeter film; but I was told they were using 70 millimeter film. I asked if they had a device for converting 70 millimeter to 36 millimeter, but I could never get an answer.

Several different women were there; I might be interested in meeting one, but none caught my fancy, until one came over and sat next to me to talk with someone else. She wasn't really a woman, but probably only about 16-17 years old. She had long light brown hair and a pretty face. But what most caught my attention was that the dress she was wearing had fallen off her left breast so it was completely exposed. Her breasts were quite large and firm, and I had a difficult time keeping my eyes off the uncovered one. She sat in front of me for a while and at one point I accidentally touched the nipple of her breast with the big toe of my bare right foot. She didn't say anything. Altizer then walked up and sat with her. He soon had his face down in her breasts and pulled her top down exposing the other breast. Altizer soon turned her over to me and the woman and I rolled around on the floor together. At one point she called me a "good boy," and alluding to the fact that I was much older than she, I quipped, "She's calling me a good boy."

Before I knew what had happened someone had given me something to smoke which apparently was marijuana. A joint went back and forth, but it didn't taste like marijuana to me and I said to the others, "I don't know who's giving you this stuff, but it's not the real thing."

Someone said it had been treated with something to make it potent, so it smelled like that. Indeed I was beginning to feel somewhat light headed.

Suddenly someone said Mr. Tobias, the instructor, was coming, and everyone dashed about trying to avoid being caught doing anything wrong. I was still holding the joint and laid it down behind a big can. One young boy (about 12 years old) was worried about being caught by his mother doing something wrong. I meanwhile headed for a back stairs, thinking I might escape down it without being seen. When I reached the top of the stairs and looked down, I thought I might just go to the bottom and curl up on the bottom step. Perhaps no one would be able to see me there.

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