Dream of: 14 June 1991 "Hidden Tape Recorder"

I was involved in a program where I would spend time with a boy (about 16 years old). He was black and quite strong and husky. On the second or third time I was with him, we were walking along the covered sidewalk next to a building, when he abruptly began accusing me of having molested him. I knew I had never in any way molested him, and I wondered what his motives might be for making such an accusation. Sensing he might have a hidden tape recorder which he was using to record everything which I was saying, I adamantly denied the accusation.

Finally I confronted him about whether he did have a tape recorder. He pulled out a small, brown cassette recorder about the size of a cigarette lighter. I immediately tried to wrest it from him, but he resisted and we fell to the ground in a struggle. Fortunately for me, some other people were nearby, including Croston (a Dallas attorney). I called for Croston's help and he wrenched the recorder from the boy. We then stood back up as I pondered my next move. I decided that I would try to have the boy detained and that I would take the cassette tape to the person in charge of the program. I considered that the boy had every right to have the recorder and tape our conversation. However, I didn't think he had the right to blackmail me with the tape, which is what I thought he intended to try to do. Therefore I felt I had the right to take it from him and explain what had happened to the proper person.

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