Dream of: 11 June 1991 "Runny Green Substance"

While riding in a car which my father was driving, I noticed a tortoise in the road. Looking closer I actually saw three tortoises in the road. I asked my father to stop so I could grab them and convey them to a safe place where they wouldn't be run over. At first I didn't think he was going to stop, but then he did. A car was coming, so I had to act quickly before it reached us. I jumped out and gathered up the tortoises just before the car passed. I also found a small tortoise which was dead, perhaps already run over, and a green frog which I tossed into the back seat. I climbed back into the car and we continued on, finally arriving at a small cottage in the country.

My sister was also in the car and she had left some of her clothes in the back seat on the floor. When we arrived at the cottage, the frog had either vomited or defecated a runny green substance on her clothes. When I pointed it out to her, she became quite upset.

I carried the frog into the bedroom of the little house, where we found my brother Chris (12-13 years old) sitting. He soon told us he needed "to do it," which meant he needed to defecate, and it looked as if I were the one who was going to have to help him, since he was unable to help himself due to his muscular dystrophy. Before I could do anything, my father became angry about something and pulled off his belt, obviously intending to whip me. I wasn't going to stand for that and I told him I wasn't going to allow him to whip me with the belt. When he stepped toward me, I grabbed the belt and we began struggling.

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