Dream of: 08 June 1991 "Child Support"

Louise and I were in a car which Vernon was driving; we were talking about going to court this very day in front of a jury for her and me to get a divorce. The prospect of testifying in front of a jury didn't appeal to me; I suggested to Louise that we might be able to settle the matter without going to court. The two main questions were how we would divide our property and how we would provide for our child, my brother Chris.

I was concerned about the division of the property, because I had accumulated quite a bit of property recently, and I didn't want to give it to Louise. Plus, my mother had about $10,000 in an account, and I was concerned Louise might somehow be able to take whatever interest I had in that money. I was surprised to see that Louise seemed quite reasonable and that she appeared satisfied for me to keep what I had and for her to keep what she had. Both she and Vernon seemed pleasant and likable; I even asked Vernon where he had originally come from. He told me Vermont.

We talked of the question of who would have custody of Chris. On that issue Louise was unbending, and said she was going to keep Chris. About the same time we stopped at a place where Chris was, and we got out of the car. I walked over to Chris, who was sitting in a wheelchair. Oddly, he looked like a girl instead of a boy. He was about 15 years old, and apparently he had decided to dress and act like a girl. We only stayed there a short while and got back into the car.

I told Louise I would argue that she was an unfit mother, and that I would be able to show as evidence the fact that Chris was behaving like a girl, when he was actually a boy. Louise appeared undaunted by my attack and pointed out that there would also be an issue of child support, which she appeared prepared to settle in a reasonable fashion if she were allowed to have custody. The child support issue hadn't occurred to me until now; I could be ordered to pay as much as twenty-five percent of my income to her. If I made $4,000 a month, I could be ordered to pay her as much as $1,000 every month. That would be a severe blow. I had the feeling Louise might be willing to settle for as little as $200 if we would reach an agreement. That might be best. I really didn't want to go in front of a jury. I could see myself there. I looked quite young, perhaps 25. The jury would wonder how such a young marriage could have reached this point so quickly. My hair was combed to the left and I could see where my face was red from the sun except where the hair had covered my forehead.

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