Dream of: 01 June 1991 (4) "Without Pants"

My wife Carolina and I were in the lobby of a large hotel, standing near the counter. Two men walked up and asked the man behind the counter if he had any silver dollars for sale. The man said he didn't; but visible behind a glass on the counter stood a bowl containing several silver dollars, both of the Walking Liberty and Morgan varieties. Other containers of coins were also there. I also asked the man if he had any silver dollars to sell and he told me the same. Since he didn't have any, I thought of perhaps buying some other type of coin, perhaps nickels or dimes; I could look through the coins to see if there were any old ones. But the man suggested I might buy some pennies; he asked me if I would like some of the old wheat-ear type pennies. I said I would and he dug out perhaps 50 for me and placed them on the counter. I thought I saw among them one strange-looking penny which was old. As I picked up the pennies from the counter, two fell onto the floor and rolled under the counter. I knelt down on my hands and knees to pick them up. But now they looked like dimes. I saw another dime which had rolled back under the counter out of reach. I thought about trying to reach it, but decided against it.

After I had stood back up, Carolina walked over to some chairs and sat down. Some other well-dressed people were sitting in some nearby chairs, and they began talking about investing in coins. A woman said such an investment wasn't really an asset but rather a deficit. A man joined with her in that opinion. I felt somewhat embarrassed by just having bought the coins, and I pretended I didn't hear them. By now I appeared to be lying more on a bed than a chair. I pulled the cover over me, rolled over and dozed off.

When I looked back up, I saw Truman now behind the counter. He was greeting people and answering the phone. I quickly gathered that a bankruptcy conference was going to take place, and that he was greeting the people who were coming. He was also involved in accepting some kind of payment from the people. Before he would accept a payment, he would look at a paper (about the size and shape of the receipt of a credit card payment) containing information about each person. I quickly gathered that the paper contained information about each person's credit. Apparently Truman had contacted the credit bureau on each person from whom he was accepting payment. Then Truman would require payment in the amount which was shown to be owed to anyone who had made a report to the credit bureau. It was unclear whether the money was simply a deposit which would be returned to the person later, or whether the money was actually going to be used to pay off any previous debts.

One man was shown to have owed money to a church. Another man inquired whether the money would be refunded later to him, but he wasn't told.

I wondered if Truman had checked my credit record. I had some negative reports on it; this might be a good opportunity to clear them up. I could pay the money to Truman and he could send the money to the credit bureau.

Meanwhile another man in a suit walked up to me and started talking about bankruptcy. He said he hadn't known before that he could make a living just by continuing to charge his bankruptcy clients money. I also had been unaware of that. He said his clients couldn't afford to get a discharge. That seemed peculiar to me, since I thought a discharge was the goal of bankruptcy. Would their property be somehow unprotected if they obtained a discharge? Obviously I needed to know more about bankruptcy law.

It gradually became clear to me that under the cover I wasn't wearing any pants; I was nude from the waist down. I felt terribly embarrassed, especially when I noticed my ex-wife Louise sitting in a chair near Carolina. Louise seemed to perceive my plight, and she seemed amused by it, although not maliciously. I thought of walking around with the cover held around me, but I thought how ridiculous that would look. I seemed to recall having been in a similar position before and I recalled how painful it had been. But there really wasn't much I could do about it now, except wait.

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