Dream of: 01 June 1991 (2) "Old Superman Comics"

greed dulls the power to concentrate

After walking into a second hand store which seemed as if it might be in Portsmouth, Ohio, I walked to the back of the store where I found a box filled with comics, and I began going through them, picking out some which I thought I would be interested in buying. One titled "Mrs. Dodge" appeared to be in mint condition. It was a western and appeared to feature a black-haired cowgirl. It was Number 2, and I remembered that I already had issue Number 1, so I decided to buy this one also.

As I picked out some Superman and Superboy comics, I looked at the age and condition of the comics. Some were fairly old, with an original price of twelve cents. One comic even had a price of eleven cents, but most were newer. As I continued, a thin black woman (perhaps 30 years old) walked up and stood to my left. Obviously she also wanted to look through the comics, and finally she did indeed dip her hand into the batch through which I was still searching and she began picking through them. I was irritated that she would barge in like that, but I didn't say anything at first. Finally I pulled out several comics and handed them to her, saying that she could go through those, while I picked out a separate batch for myself to riffle through. I informed her that she could arrange the comics in a stack which she didn't want; I could then look through those when she was finished with them. I would likewise arrange a stack for her of the comics which I didn't want.

As I continued sorting through my batch of comics, the woman continued to look at mine, apparently concerned that I would discover something which she wanted. Finally I finished my stack, and I reached into the box for more. When I pulled out what appeared to be a pillow case which contained some comics, I realized that those comics must have only recently been brought into the store, and that nobody else had had a chance to look at them yet. I thought I might find some good buys there. Indeed as I searched through them, I did find several comics which I wanted. The woman continued looking at what I was choosing. I picked another batch out of the box from another sack, but these were all westerns. I handed them to the woman, asking her if she liked westerns. I myself didn't particularly care for them.

Finally I carried the comics which I wanted to purchase to the counter, set them on the counter, and began talking with a woman there. I explained that I didn't have enough money right then to pay for everything, but that I would like to make payments over a twelve month period. I figured up what the cost would be per month and told her. She said that she would have to check with her boss, a man in the back room. I told her to check, and that meanwhile I would be walking down the street outside.

I took the comics with me and walked outside. I crossed the street and began walking toward the next corner. The woman walked out of the store and hollered across the street at me. She walked to the corner and crossed to meet me. She said that the owner said he wouldn't be able to sell me the comics on a twelve month pay-out basis because he had learned that I already had a large collection of comics. The woman said I would have to give the comics back. Unwilling to comply, I began trying to think of how I would be able to arrange to keep the comics.

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