Dream of: 26 May 1991 (2) "Expert Skier"

I was skiing on the side of a mountain. I had improved my abilities with the skies to the point where I was able to sky very fast, almost with perfection, and I enjoyed it very much. I was even able to rapidly ski up the side of the mountain, even though going up was more difficult. I skied to the top of one mountain from which I could see many white mountains all around me. Only when I noticed how steep the mountain was at this point did I begin to have some doubts about my abilities. I saw that this trail was marked with a blue sign, which meant that this trail was very difficult. I recalled that the trails marked with black were the hardest trails, and that I had never been on a black trail. A woman was standing next to me and I said to her, "Actually I've never skied this good before."

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