Dream of: 26 May 1991 "Shotgun Shells"

It was night and I was in the living room of the Gallia County Farmhouse. When I looked through the front window, I was surprised to see the lights of a car in the front field. I could also see the light of a small fire in the field. I immediately walked into my grandmother Mabel's room and woke her up. She seemed weak and fragile, and she didn't seem to understand well when I told her that I needed a gun. She finally stood up and showed me a shotgun. But when I took it in my hands and examined it, I realized it didn't have any shells in it. I told her it didn't have any shells and she began looking for one. She finally found a shell and handed it to me, but it had been cut so that only half of it was left. I doubted that it would work, but thought I had to try it.

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