Dream of: 12 May 1991 (2) "Impressive Swordfish"

I was in the kitchen of the House in Patriot. The House seemed to be a large boat and the kitchen occupied the rear of the boat. Several other people, including my father, were in the House, and several fishing lines had been thrown into the water around the boat. Suddenly, just as we saw several large swordfish close to the top of the water pass by us, I picked up one line. Almost immediately a swordfish hit the line and was instantly hooked. The line didn't have a fishing rod attached to it, so I simply began pulling it in and wrapping it around my right hand. It was hard work and at one point I put it down, but quickly picked it back up. The swordfish then apparently was coming straight for the House, because the line was easy to pull in and wrap around my hand. My father was watching me all the while, appearing quite surprised by what was happening. Finally I could see the swordfish in the water not far from the boat. I gave a yank, and the fish sailed through the back window of the house and fell on the floor beside me. It was over a meter long and quite impressive. It had several brilliant colors under it throat. It lay motionless on the floor as I admired it.

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