Dream of: 11 May 1991 (4) "Heightened Experience Of God"

I was at the Grandview Avenue House, where I had apparently been living for a while, basing myself in the middle upstairs bedroom.

I had recently taken an hallucinogenic drug, and although most effects of the drug had worn off, I was still somewhat under its influence. Several of my friends, including Kim (a woman a few years younger than I whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977), had come to visit me. As my friends and I walked around the house together, I heard someone at the front door. When I went to the door and opened it, I found four of my relatives standing outside. After I invited them in, we walked into the middle downstairs room, where more of my relatives (including my step-grandfather Clarence), were seated. Clarence didn't recognize the newcomers at first, but then he realized that one was my grandmother Leacy and that another was my uncle Ronald. My great-aunt Dorothy was also present in one of the groups. Everyone hugged and seemed happy to see each other.


While I was hugging Kim in a friendly embrace, she questioned me about my use of hallucinogenic drugs. She said she had read that drugs could affect a person's cells and subsequently deform any children the person might have. Even a simple drug like Dexedrine could have this effect. I assured her I was 100% sure such a thing wouldn't happen to me. I felt quite confident of this statement, since I had had a vasectomy and I would never have children.

Kim wanted to know what good could possibly come from my taking the drugs. I wanted to explain to her that the drugs made it possible to be nearer to God. Most people simply didn't understand the heightened experience of God which hallucinogenic drugs could produce.


I led my friends upstairs, but instead of going to my room, I showed them to my sister's room at the end of the hall. Since my room seemed in a state of some disrepair I didn't want to sit in there, even though I knew my friends would have liked to look at some of my collages which were hanging on the walls of my room.

My sister's room had two beds, pushed closely together so they almost touched. Each bed was bedecked with a colorful bedspread. Although the room lacked atmosphere, I thought it would be adequate for the moment. I felt in a rather quixotic mood, not really knowing what I was doing, but I was glad my friends were with me.

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