Dream of: 11 May 1991 (3) "Cashing In Bottles"

I pulled a car into a gas station and got out to put gas in the car. But when I began looking for the pump, it took me a while to discern it. It was quite small and unusual, surrounded by a cluster of other objects. Apparently it was quite old. Finally however I did see that there were different prices for different types of gas. One type of gas Royal Crown (like the soft drink), was the least expensive, but apparently was only for students. Another kind was named Puerto Rican. Finally I decided on the most expensive one, called Bass, and began pumping the gas.

The pump stopped running when the tank was full, and I didn't round it out to the nearest dollar as I usually did. Since I had a number of pop and beer bottles which I wanted to sell to the gas station, I thought there was no point in rounding it off. I put the hose back up and walked to the attendant. Obviously they accepted pop bottles since I saw several cartons of them sitting nearby. But when I asked the attendant if he would take some from me, he said no. However after reflecting further a few moments, he said he would take some. I walked over to my vehicle, which actually appeared to be a truck and saw about four cartons of mixed pop and beer bottle on the back. I wanted to cash them all in. I also had another case of bottles inside the vehicle, but thought I would wait till later to cash those in.

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