Dream of: 28 April 1991 "Yoga Exercises"

I was in a small gymnasium, doing yoga exercises. When I started to do an exercise, I put a watch in front of me, because I only wanted to do it for 2 minutes. A woman walked up to me and said I shouldn't use the watch, because then I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the exercise. I left the watch in front of me, but I didn't look at it. I did a complicated exercise with much force and style. When I finished I saw I had been doing the exercise for more than 4 minutes.

I sat down next to a beautiful, black-haired woman (about 20 years old). I had known her for quite a while and had fallen in love with her, but I had never told her I loved her. One problem was that we were presently in Portsmouth, where she lived, and I only came here once in a while. In fact I was going to leave Portsmouth that very day and I probably wouldn't return for two weeks.

I had never kissed the woman, but now I thought I was going to do it. I turned my face toward her, and was just about to kiss her, when a car stopped in front of the door and a young man jumped out. When the woman stood up, I immediately knew the young man was her boyfriend. She walked over to him and began talking with him. I also stood up and walked over to them. At first he appeared angry at me, as if he wanted to fight. But when I stepped up to him, he backed up. I decided to tell him I was in love with the woman, and I didn't care what he thought. I was willing to fight for her.

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