Dream of: 25 April 1991 "Car In The Creek"

I had come to the Gallia County Farmhouse for a visit and had already been here several days. I realized I had only spent one night in the Cabin, and had stayed in the Farmhouse all the other nights. I talked with my step-grandfather Clarence for a while, but we really had little of importance to discuss. My grandmother Mabel had gone to town for a while, and when she returned, she parked her car in the field at the bottom of the hill. She was driving a small, new, blue car. After she had come up to the house, I looked down at the car and saw that it was slowly moving toward the small creek behind the house. Without saying a word I began running toward the car, but I didn't think I would reach the car before it went into the creek. When I reached the field I encountered a barbed wire fence, and I started to go underneath it. With difficulty I passed the fence, but it was already too late: the car had fallen into the creek. I reached the spot where the car had gone in and I saw it submerged in the creek. I watched as the car went completely under the water.

A woman who was on the Farm walked up to me. I told her she should go get the tractor while I waited here. Meanwhile I was going to mark on the bank where the car had gone in, because it seemed to be going deeper and deeper, and I didn't want to lose the place where it had gone in. When she left, I could still see the car, and noticed that it was moving some in the creek which looked rather deep. Finally I jumped into the creek and grabbed the car. With my left hand I pulled the car to a part of the creek which was more shallow. From there I was able to pull it out of the creek and was actually able to carry it on my shoulder. I walked with the car toward the new milkhouse.

Two or three other people walked up and I began talking with them. I was thinking I might like to move to the Farm. I could then have an office in Gallipolis, where I could practice bankruptcy law. Even if I only had a couple cases per month, that would be enough to live on. I had already saved quite a bit of money. The truth was that I liked the Farm much better than Texas. Of course I knew I would first have to obtain permission to practice law in Ohio. I would have to fill out a form. And I knew the form would ask whether I had ever been arrested.

I recalled that I had recently been arrested because I had beaten up someone for something. At least I thought I hadn't been arrested for stealing something. That would be much worse.

The woman who I had talked to earlier began talking and she mentioned a person with whom I had gone to school when I had lived there many years ago. His name was Jeff Flattery. I recalled that he hadn't been a popular person, but I didn't know what kind of man he was now. What was certain was that if I lived here, I would get to know well all the lawyers who worked in Gallipolis, because there were so few.

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