Dream of: 24 April 1991 "A Question Of Freedom"

Carolina and I were in the old tobacco barn on the Gallia County Farm. I was carrying a box full of marijuana leaves which looked like tobacco leaves. I had found and cut the marijuana there on the Farm, and then I had brought the marijuana to the tobacco barn. I explained to Carolina that I was going to put the marijuana there in the barn and I tried to think of exactly where to put it. I remembered that some tobacco was hanging in an attic in the barn, and I decided to put the marijuana there. I would climb up to where the tobacco was hanging, and hang the marijuana with the tobacco. That way the marijuana would be able to dry just the way the tobacco was drying. I grabbed an armful of the marijuana, climbed up into the attic and hung it up.

As soon as I got back on the ground, I saw a black police officer walking into the barn and I pushed the box with the rest of the marijuana under a table. The officer walked up to me and asked me what I was doing there. Only now did I notice that a marijuana leaf had fallen onto the ground. The police officer also saw the leaf and he told me he was going to arrest me. I begged him not to arrest me. He seemed friendly enough and he didn't seem as if he really wanted to arrest me, but he seemed to think he didn't have any alternative. When he finally said it was possible that he just give me a fine, I thanked him. He said he first had to make a call on a telephone which he had to determine if he could simply give me a fine.

He made a call on the phone, and as we waited for a response, he asked me why so many people used marijuana. I told him it was a question of freedom. I also mentioned that marijuana grew wild. He then mentioned the name of another poisonous plant which also grew wild. I then told him that marijuana didn't kill anyone.

As we talked, many other people began walking into the barn. I moved close to Carolina and told her she should leave, because I didn't want her to be arrested. Suddenly two other white police officers walked in and began snooping around until they noticed the box which had the marijuana in it. When they opened the box and saw just how much marijuana was in it, the black police officer said he would indeed have to arrest me.

In the confusion of so many people having entered the barn, I was able to mix in with the other people so the police couldn't see me. I saw a chance and I took off running. I heard someone (apparently the police) screaming, but I just kept running.

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