Dream of: 23 April 1991 "Novostock"

Bernhardt (a German acquaintance I had met in Iran) had contacted me and persuaded me to come visit him in Russia. Although Bernhardt and I no longer communicated regularly, I had still kept in touch with him just as I did with many other people in the world. Bernhardt had called me and told me this was an opportunity for me to go to Russia, and I had gone. Looking on a map, I saw that the place where I had come to was close to Alaska, and that the climate was cold. The name of the town to which I had come was Novostock.

As part of the deal for my coming to Russia, I had agreed to lend the Russians $20,000 from the more than $100,000 which I had in savings.

When I arrived, I met with Bernhardt. I learned that although Russia in general was now on friendly terms with the United States, this region was still engaged in espionage with the United States. I also learned this region was completely controlled by the military. Bernhardt introduced me to the military commander, who resembled Salvador Ibarra. The commander was quite friendly and had a small apartment ready for me, which I entered.

One day, after I had been in my apartment for a while, I went to the bathroom and discovered the lights in the bathroom weren't working. I checked and found the water still working in the shower. I thought to myself I could manage to live without light in the bathroom, but not without water. I walked out of the bathroom.

I began to realize I had made a big mistake by coming to Russia. I began to feel like a prisoner and wanted to leave, but I didn't know how to escape. Looking at the map I saw that the city appeared to be in the middle of a large continent, and that no other cities were nearby. The only way out was through the airport, but it was completely controlled by the military. Besides, I had brought my computer with me, and I had been writing dreams on it. If I were to leave, I wouldn't only lose the money I had invested, I would lose my computer and worst of all, some of my dreams.


I had escaped from Russia and was now telling some friends what had happened to me there. With me I also had a notebook which had a few of my dreams written in it. As I also began talking about my dreams with the others, one of them pulled out the list of names which I had made of people who had appeared in my dreams. I explained to them what the list was, and how I could use it to look up dreams in which any given person had appeared.

They read the name "Citizens Savings Bank" from the list. I responded that it wasn't an important name and that it hadn't appeared in many dreams.

They next mentioned the name "Ramey." I had had many dreams in which Ramey had appeared. Then they mentioned Louise's name. I had also had many dreams of Louise; I told them she had been in perhaps 500 dreams.

They came to the name of my friend Kim (a woman a few years younger than I whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977). I thought I might even have some dreams of Kim written in the notebook. I recalled I had seen Kim in Novostock. She had been in a mental hospital there and I had gone to visit her. I said, "She's completely crazy. She was up in Novostock. She spent two years in a mental hospital. I was with her. I saw her up there for about two hours and I was ready to go back to the military."

Even though I said such things about Kim, and although I hadn't wanted to spend time with her in Novostock, I still felt as if I liked her.

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