Dream of: 22 April 1991 (3) "Skiing Accident"

I was thinking about a story involving several people. In the story a woman had gone to ski with some other people.

I could see the mountain where they were skiing. While the woman was skiing on the mountain, I was surprised to see her husband and her lover arrive. I didn't see how the husband arrived, but her lover came in by parachute. Apparently he had jumped out of an airplane. He was wearing skis and landed on the top of the mountain and began skiing.

The wife hadn't expected either of them. It was a great surprise for her.


I was in the mountain, skiing with perhaps 20 other people. A woman was here teaching how to ski. As the group headed down the mountain, I watched as the teacher was able to move on one ski to her side and then completely turn around in a few steps in a pretty fashion. I tried to do the same thing and found I was able to do it.

I broke off from the others and skied ahead of them. I soon found myself in front of a large ditch with metal fences on both sides of it. The ditch was made of metal and looked as if it might have been an underground tunnel which had caved in. It was about four meters wide. I couldn't tell for sure, but thought it might be possible to ski down the mountain and jump over the ditch. When the others arrived, one a man (about 20 years old) decided to do just that. He went back up the mountain and then began skiing down as fast as he could toward the ditch. But unfortunately when he tried to jump across the ditch, he failed and fell into it. The others went to him and helped him out of the ditch. It looked as if he were injured, but I couldn't tell if it was serious.

I then noticed a nearby bridge which went across the ditch and I headed for it.

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