Dream of: 20 April 1991 "Electronics And Poetry"

I was in the back of a car. It was strange because although the car had a front seat, it had no back seat, and I seemed to be sitting in the open air. The car was being driven by a man who resembled Ferguson (a former high school classmate). We were headed to a mountain to ski. I had decided I really enjoyed skiing and I began thinking of the slopes and how it felt going down them.

I lived about an hour from the mountain. I had started skiing more and more and was feeling much better. I had even started losing some weight. At first I had thought skiing was a waste of time. My skiing had also improved so I could handle the slopes much better.

Sitting next to me also in the open air was a woman who resembled Cathy. Since it was so cold in the back seat, she and I scooted close to each other.

In my left hand I had a typewriter. At one point it started to fall from my hand, and I had to sling it around into the front seat. But then I pulled it into the back seat with me and found a place where I could hold onto it so it wouldn't fall.

Two fellows were in the front of the car. At one point the woman in back had some papers which had been hand-written and had to do with one of the men. Something fell from the car; I thought it was one of the papers. I said something about it and she said no, that nothing of hers had fallen out.


We had arrived at a store, where I began to look at some smoking pipes made of wood carved with many designs. They were pretty and I thought of buying one, even though I knew I didn't smoke tobacco. And it had been a long time since I had smoked any marijuana. Even though the pipes were so pretty, I decided not to buy one; the pipe would just end up sitting around the house.


I had arrived at the house of Cathy and she and I were alone together. It appeared to be a mobile home. I talked with her. She lived alone in the mobile home. I asked her what she did when she went to the mountain to ski. She said she had recently gone skiing with a girlfriend. At night she would have liked to have gone on a date with someone, but no one had asked her out. I thought the same thing would probably happen to me because I probably wouldn't ask anyone out.

I was planning to go to the mountain today and I wanted Cathy to go with me. I asked her if she wanted to go, but she seemed uncertain.

While Cathy busied herself with something else I walked over to a desk where I saw a book about electronics and medicine. The book was a self-study book, to be used with a computer to learn electronics and medicine. It interested me that Cathy had apparently been studying the book. I opened the book and read a little. The book began by talking about the most important men in the field. I read the names of three men which I had never heard before.

Reading on, I saw something about wires, and whether a wire was barbed or not. The book discussed how wires were to be cut, and it appeared that Cathy had an instrument for cutting loose wires.

I reached a place in the book where the pages stopped, as if someone had torn the pages out. Instead I found small pages with hand-writing on them which contained the writing which had been on the missing pages.

While I was reading, another man walked into the room. As Cathy talked with the man, I inferred that he also was involved with electronics; but he also wrote poetry. He had previously been to a fair in Oklahoma where he had won a prize for reading poetry to children. With him he had some old books which I thought might contain poetry. Cathy mentioned that there was going to be another fair the following day, and it appeared that he was also going to go to it to read his poems.

When the man finally left, I again asked Cathy if she wanted to go to the mountain with me; but she still wasn't sure. I told her she should simply change her clothes. I told her we needed to leave because it was already late; but I wasn't sure she was going to go.

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