Dream of: 17 April 1991 "No Rules"

I was in a classroom, sitting on the right side in the back. It was apparently a high school class and I saw some students with whom I had gone to high school, including Conn, sitting in the row next to me a few seats in front of me. I began thinking I had already finished high school and I told someone sitting near me I had also gone to college for four years and to law school for one year. Nevertheless for some reason I had had to come back here.

It was Friday and I knew when the class ended another girl and I were going to go skiing together. Finally the class ended and I saw Conn starting to leave. For a moment I thought she might like to go skiing with us, and I asked her what she was going to be doing this weekend. When she said she already had plans, I thought she was probably planning to go to a bar or somewhere like that. She left.

For myself, I planned to wait about a half hour before leaving. I was surprised to see several other students still sitting in the room; they appeared to be studying. Sitting next to each other on the other side of the room were Wendy, Burton, and Thompson (former female high school classmates). Two or three other people still in the room appeared to be studying diligently. I thought that must be the reason why they were able to make such good grades.

I waited and waited until the female teacher returned. When I saw she had something for all the other students still in the room, I realized they had been waiting for her. She had the results of the exam for them, an exam which had apparently been very important.

While the teacher began giving the test results to the others, I stood up and walked out into the hall, where I saw some boxes containing flowers. Apparently the flowers had been in the classrooms during the day and now were being thrown away. However some flowers were still very pretty. I stopped and picked up a white flower, a red rose, and several other flowers. I felt some briars on the red rose, but I kept it anyway.

I walked over to an escalator, got on, and began riding down. I noticed a professor who resembled Wendorf (a law school professor). He stepped onto on the escalator and began talking with me. He said when there are no rules, a person could do whatever he wanted. He was trying to point out that no one else except me had gone to a university and then returned to high school. For that reason he had decided to allow me to return to high school. When we reached the bottom of the escalator, he got off and walked through a door with me following.

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