Dream of: 16 April 1991 (2) "Nude In Court"

I was in a large room which appeared to be a courtroom. In the front of the room was a trustee who was going over several cases in which a foreclosure was about to take place. There were many cases. But an announcement was made that any cases in which American Mortgage Assistance was involved would be handled last. Since many of my clients had come to me from American Mortgage Assistance, I began to worry that there might be some problems with those cases.

I knew that before any of my cases came up, I would need to talk with some of the other attorneys in the room to try to reach agreement over any problems which we had. I went ahead and talked to the attorneys, finished my business with them and sat down to wait.

Besides still being concerned about problems with the American Mortgage Assistance cases, I realized I had another problem: I was nude from the waist down. I recalled one other time when I had gone before a judge when I had been nude from the waist down. I remembered that nothing had happened except that the judge had looked at me strangely. Nevertheless I now had doubts about going before the trustee without pants.

As I sat vacillating, my name was called and I walked up in front of the trustee. Once I was in front of the trustee, I realized I was wearing pants in fact I was wearing a blue suit.

Before I spoke in front of the trustee, another lawyer gave me a paper. I looked it over and saw that it dealt with the first case which I would have.

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