Dream of: 16 April 1991 "Hulk"

Carolina had left the house at night; I suspected she was with another man. When I followed her, I discovered she was with Stuart (a fellow I had known around 1972). After they walked into a club, I followed. A woman at the door let me in. Before I was completely inside, two policemen came up to me. They wanted to know if the woman had seen my identification. When I said she hadn't, she looked meanly at me because I had said that. I told the police I was over 30 years old. After looking at my license, the police let me go in. But apparently the woman was going to have problems because she hadn't looked at my license.

I walked into the club, which was crowded. I wanted to see Carolina, but I didn't want her to see me. I walked through the whole club, except on the second floor, but I didn't see Carolina anywhere. Finally I heard her voice. It sounded as if she and the man were playing an electronic game. There were a lot of such games there, and I tried to figure out which one they were playing.

I finally concluded they were playing a game called "Hulk." I tried to find it, but I couldn't. I decided to go to the bar to ask someone where the game was. Suddenly I realized where the game was, and I walked to another part of the club. From there I was able to look through a window to another part of the club. Mini-blinds were on the window and I looked through them. There was also a door leading to the other room, and I could see Carolina through the door. She also saw me. I was angry and went straight to her. I was almost ready to choke her, but I simply grabbed her clothes and asked her if she was having a good time.

She was surprised to see me. The man with her just stood there looking at us. I recalled that this fellow once cheated with Birdie on me. Now for the second time he was cheating with someone on me.

Before I could do anything else, two men who appeared to be policemen came to me. I immediately explained that Carolina was my wife, but that didn't matter to them. They grabbed Carolina; apparently they were going to arrest her. But first they cut off a small piece of my pants on the rear close to my foot, and they did the same to Carolina. They then took Carolina away, while one policeman stayed in front of me.

I was angry because the police were getting involved in my affairs. The policeman in front of me wanted to arrest me and take me away. I told him I hadn't done anything and that he didn't have any right to arrest me. He then said it would be a shame if he found marijuana on me. I realized he was threatening to plant some marijuana in my pocket and then arrest me for it.

I said something and he tried to arrest me. I said, "I'm an officer of the law."

I was trying to explain that I was a lawyer. That didn't matter to him, and he tried to throw me to the ground. I resisted and screamed, trying to get someone in the bar to help me; but nobody did anything. Only one person who was probably a policeman walked toward us with a large bottle. It looked as if he was going to try to hit me in the head with it.

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