Dream of: 14 April 1991 (3) "Cutting A Criminal's Neck"

Carolina was with me when I captured a criminal. He tried to escape from me and I had to fight with him. I was finally able to subdue him, but still didn't have complete control of him. I called to Carolina, who had a knife. I asked her if she could cut the man's neck. She said she didn't have anything against that, and while I held him, she cut his neck.

He quickly lost his strength and soon lost consciousness. I carried him to a small, nearby store. Someone called for an ambulance. But I could see that the man was losing a lot of blood and might die. Suddenly I remembered I was a doctor. At least I thought I was a doctor. I walked into the store and asked for some gauze. Finally I saw a role of gauze and took it outside. I wrapped the gauze around the man's neck. I felt proud that I was a doctor and that I could do that.

As we waited for the ambulance, I suddenly saw that the man was still bleeding through the gauze. Finally I saw the ambulance coming.

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