Dream of: 14 April 1991 (2) "Transvestite In Church"

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Alcorn (a Dallas attorney) and I went to what appeared to be Nebo Church (in rural Gallia County, Ohio). When we arrived, three cars were parked in front of the church. A second church was beside the first church. We looked through the windows of the second church and saw many people inside.

Alcorn and I walked into the first church, seated ourselves on a bench in the rear, and began reading a pamphlet which contained the names of various people who came to the church, including the names of Alcorn and me. Something negative was written next to Alcorn's name, and he said something about it. Something negative was also written next to my name - that I used to be a transvestite. I didn't understand what that meant, because I didn't remember having ever been a transvestite.

After reading, I looked up and saw the church was almost full. There appeared to be many young people (in their 20s). I didn't think I would be able to relate well with them, especially since the pamphlet said I was a transvestite. I looked at the names of the other people, but I didn't see anything negative next to their names.

Dream Commentary of April 12, 2015

After doing a word search on the Dream Journal for the word "transvestite," the result was: "31 Results were returned based on your search choices and/or your keyword transvestite." I recall having read some dreams of four dream-journalists on the list, but not the other twenty-six dream journalists.

I realize that I'm on a tangent of the church-theme here, but I'm trying to compare the relationships between members of a church, with the relationships between dream-journalists on the Dream Journal. Only now am I beginning to sense the unexplored power of the search function in this endeavor.

After searching on this date for "God" for the first time, the search returned 333 results (coincidental that 333 is half of 666). That is fewer than I expected, but hey, it's over ten times the results for "transvestite." Seems to say something. I guess now I will have to check the names of those who are dreaming about God.

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