Dream of: 13 April 1991 "Plane Fare"

I was outside an airport in a line of people buying tickets to fly. Although I hadn't decided, I was thinking of buying a ticket to Houston. I thought if I went to Houston, I would at least be able to see my father and my mother. But I still didn't know how much the ticket would cost.

When a woman working for the airline walked up, I asked her how much a ticket would cost to Houston. She thought for a moment, then said it would cost $400. She wrote down the price on a piece of paper and handed the paper to me.

The line advanced to the counter where the tickets were being sold. I didn't want to pay $400; that that was too much. I was still hoping I could find a ticket at a cheaper price.

When I was almost at the counter, an old woman standing behind me got so close to me that she was touching my back. That bothered me, and I finally moved so that she could go past me. In the process she moved in front of some other people, who became angry at her for passing them.

I reached the counter. Instead of showing the paper I had to the woman behind the counter, I simply asked her if there were flights to Houston. She thought a moment, then looked behind her at a board which had a list of the prices. I saw a special price of $90 and hoped the price was for flights to Houston. But when I asked her if that was a price for flights to Houston, she said it was not. Finally she told me that there were no more flights today to Houston. I could hardly believe it; I thought she must be mistaken. I thought about asking her name so I could report her if I later discovered more flights. Instead of saying anything, I turned and left. I could probably find out somewhere else whether there were any flights to Houston.

I walked over to a wall with posters on it; one poster showed flights to Germany for $380. But then I realized the price was not for a flight to Germany, but was the price to rent a Volkswagen. I thought I had a credit card, and could rent such a car if I wanted.

I walked up some stairs and began thinking I might just spend the night here. I was in New York City and I liked it here. Carolina and I had been together in New York not long ago. I still knew where there was a comfortable hotel where I could spend the night.

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