Dream of: 10 April 1991 "Beautiful Prostitute"

I was seated in what appeared to be a classroom. However instead of being students, the other people in the room were three or four prostitutes and some men who were seeking the services of the prostitutes. I also was planning to be with one of the prostitutes, but before I had a chance, all the prostitutes had gone off with the men. I thought I would still be able to have one of the prostitutes when they returned, but I realized the women would have just finished having sex, and I didn't really want to be with a woman who had just finished having sex with another man. Besides, I didn't even feel like having sex at the moment.

However, I did like the looks of one prostitute (around 30 years old) whom I recognized as the actress Cher. I also thought she resembled Birdie, with her long black hair. If I were going to be with any of the prostitutes, I wanted it to be her.

I was seated in the rear of the room near a bathroom. I could see on a tray in the bathroom some objects which looked like computer disks, but which were actually devices for shaving. It was clear that the devices were for sale, but I could also see that I could take them without paying anything. Since I thought I needed to shave, I thought I might just take one.

When it was time for me to be with a prostitute, Cher walked over to me. I asked her if she could accompany me to my room, since I had my own room in the school. A woman in the room was the boss of the other women. Cher asked the woman's permission to accompany me to my room, and the woman said it was all right, if it was only to have sex.

But before we left, I told Cher that I had to go somewhere first and that I would return. I walked out of the room into an area which resembled a mall. I walked over to a barber shop where I intended to have my long hair cut. I walked up to the counter and handed five dollars to a fellow about 20 years old. He told me I would also have to pay the barber who would be cutting my hair. He indicated the barber received a quarter of what I paid, so I thought he must be talking about a tip.

I realized I was in a hurry, because I also needed to go to a bankruptcy court which was in the mall. I saw another lawyer nearby whom I recognized and I began talking with him. I told him I was in a hurry because I needed to go somewhere else before going to court, but he wasn't at all friendly and stepped onto an escalator without listening to me. He was himself headed to the court. I stepped back into the barbershop, and asked the fellow to whom I had given the five dollars if he wanted to go with me back to the room where the prostitutes were, because I thought Birdie was going to have another prostitute with her. He said he would like to go, and both of us returned to the room where the prostitutes were. Although it was already 2:00 o'clock and I was supposed to return at 1:30, I saw Cher (who looked almost exactly like Birdie) seated in a chair. She stood up and walked over to me, and another black prostitute also walked up to me.

I hurriedly introduced everyone, thinking I needed to rush because I still had to go to court. I decided they could just go with me to the court and we hurried off in the direction of the court. I was happy to be with Cher. She was beautiful and I was proud for other people to see me with her. It was important for me that the other people knew I was with Cher. I didn't mind that I had to pay her; I was just glad she was with me.

When I began talking with Cher, I confused her with Birdie, and began talking about times when Birdie and I used to be together. I mentioned Mark Upton, and I told her I also liked it when he had been with her because I had like Mark Upton.

We reached the court and walked in.

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